Dirty Monitor - Audrey Ballez

Audrey Ballez, aka Dirty Monitor comes from Namur. She has been working in the art world since she was 8 years old. She developed her creativity at the Academy des Beaux Arts and then chose the path of artistic studies, first at IATA (Namur) in graphic arts and then at Saint-Luc (Brussels) in computer graphics to finish with further training at Isips (Charleroi) to refine her techniques. For more than 10 years, she has been living in Charleroi where she has been developing her artistic project, Dirty Monitors with the founder of the collective, Mauro Cataldo.


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Behind the Lights : Ce qu’on ne vous dit pas sur la projection vidéo mapping

Audrey takes you behind the scenes of 3D mapping, an often-impressive technological art form whose complexity and various technical constraints are sometimes ignored by the public. Artistic director at Dirty Monitor, a Belgian collective pioneer in the discipline, she is also in charge of supervising the distribution of each performance in the field. She therefore has an overview of the creative process that she explains in detail. From customer relations to mood-board design, from storyboard development to soundtrack production, from structure modeling to graphic effects creation, from final compositing to video broadcasting, Audrey will help you discover the hidden side of this very special art, by telling you a few anecdotes from her 10 years of experience.