Sissel Marie Tonn

‘The Intimate Earthquake Archive’ by Sissel Marie Tonn is presented in collaboration with FIBER and is also part of VERVE, an interdisciplinary art programme organized by the Dutch Embassy. VERVE showcases 9 different long-term collaborations between Dutch artists and the Belgian cultural field.

Sissel Marie Tonn is a Danish artist based in The Hague. In her practice, she explores the complex ways humans perceive, act upon and are entangled with our environments. She is particularly fascinated by how our senses affect our ability to perceive change within an environment, impacting our capacity to act upon them. She documents and transfers lived experiences, where being in the midst of a changing ecology might expose the psychological, social and perceptual/sensory challenges we all face in a present of volatile environmental change.


The Intimate Earthquake Archive - in collaboration with Jonathan Reus

The Intimate Earthquake Archive is an interactive installation that creates bodily experiences from the seismic data of the man-made earthquakes recorded in Groningen. Worn interactive ‘interfaces’ transform the data into vibratory compositions on the body of the visitor. The vibrations move across the skin similarly to how the earthquakes moved across the land, and inspire ‘deep listening’ within the body.

Hardware design/Interaction: Marije Baalman & Jonathan Reus.
Radio transmission system: Carsten Tonn-Petersen.
Photo credit : Stella Dekker
Presented at KIKK in collaboration with FIBER