Ann Marie Carrothers

Opera singer turned digital educator, Ann Marie Carrothers is a Jill of all trades who has worked in fields ranging from television production and the performing arts to web design and education. Through digital education, Ann Marie endeavors to bridge the gap between the performing arts and tech. Ann Marie speaks internationally on providing resources and curriculum enabling anyone to build VR apps and websites without a tech background or expensive equipment. Working for the Mozilla Foundation, Ann Marie also runs operations for the Mozilla Fellows + Awardees Program which supports artists, activists, scientists, lawyers and engineers work on protecting individual’s digital rights.



VR for the People: How Anyone can Build a Virtual Reality Universe

Virtual Reality has already shown to have huge potential in almost every industry, from education and healthcare to journalism and activism. Unfortunately, the tools and resources to build in VR can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Thanks to A-Frame, a simple, free and easy programming language, users can create and publish VR worlds in their browser no matter their tech skills or budget. In this session, attendees will learn how to create, build, and start incorporating the power of VR in their work immediately by learning the basics of A-frame.

The goal of this session is to demonstrate how everyday people outside the tech industry can be creating VR using just a web browser.  The dream for this presentation is to show off the incredible potential of WebVR as a platform to share learning + cultural experiences with the world and empower others to continue creating and/or teaching A-Frame + WebVR and other digital literacy topics.