Ghofran Akil & Douglas Edric Stanley - Master Media Design HEAD

The Master Media Design of HEAD-Geneva focuses on interaction design for scientific and social innovation, especially on technological and societal challenges generated by artificial intelligences and new interfaces. The Master teaches, among other things, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed media, machine learning, but also creative and electronic programming to design interfaces, connected objects, games and interactive experiences


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Narrations jouables

While our objects, homes, devices and screens now speak to us, these gadgets often have very little to say. The public and private world is progressively converting our lived environment into a sea of spoken word potential, but its content seems more attuned to command and control utterances than to the history of poetic expression. For the past year, the Media Design Master of the HEAD – Genève has been exploring the narrative potential of objects, screens and gestures, when injected with the storytelling force of classical mythology, real-world testimonials, and literary narratives. Our experiments and developments often involve hybrid solutions, as we attempt to find new ways of re-injecting old narratives into new contexts. The principal ingredient for this method is play: playful interfaces, with players enacting stories through playable objects.