HKI (Hellohikimori) is an independent creative company based in Paris. Thinkers and makers since 2004. 
In constant reflection and pondering to push our forward thinking minds to build digital experiences, creative concepts, interactive installations, films, apps and more. We believe in exploration and confrontation of technology & design to enhance our thinking. 

We stretch the limits of the brand stories by going beyond conventions and by blasting away our comfort zone. Uncompromising on quality and craftsmanship. We are proud of our productions, fashioned with extreme precision and intense emotion.

Recognition: FWA, FWA Hall of fame, Cannes Lions, Awards, The Webby Awards, The Movie Awards, PromaxBDA, Adobe.




Off the Browser

A lot of HKI members started off as Flash developers, which over time evolved into making rich web experiences in HTML/ Javascript. While the advertisement industry is shifting toward more tangible experiences David and Guillaume are trying to apply their expertise into more diversified digital targets including AR/VR, projection mapping, physical installations... They will try to explain visually how this transition is exciting for them and why it feels so natural.