Liliana Carrillo

Liliana Carrillo is an international public speaker, TEDx speaker, computer science engineer with a master diploma in artificial intelligence, distributed systems and business, and background in education and social work. Ambassador of several post-blockchain and artificial intelligence projects related to tech for social good/impact. Advocating for GDPR-complaint systems by design, agent/user/human centric, and working in the creation of more resilient systems. Passionate about the decentralization of power, and how to better decide collectively, collective decision making. Facilitating self-empowerment as a way to upgrade our collective intelligence. Transforming education/work/business to focus on individual talents, and sum them to collective talents. Her personal mission is the awareness creation of methodologies and technologies that can enable our collective intelligence, the sense of co-responsibility in our communities, and upgrading our society for more peace. To build a better future with prosperity for all Liliana has chosen to work/play with/for kids, and work/play with/for high tech.

Upgrading our society by using co-creative tools & processes. Let's collaborate!

At a very young age, traditional schooling, teaches us about language and maths, but we also learn the hidden curriculum of competition. We are on a mission! And we want to teach existing digital tools can support us to transform our mindset to collaboration. In this talk, we will show several digital tools that allow us to collaborate openly: from simple Trello for project planning to Minecraft for urban design co-creation. Do you join us to switch our mindset?