Tom Galle & Anush Sarkisian

Tom Galle Belgian-born, Berlin-based Tom Galle is the epitome of the contemporary web artist. His work is saturated with the very essence of hyper-digital nowness. He has created an online persona that is at once supremely infatuated with and deeply questioning of the profound impact that the internet has had on all of our bodies and brains. Galle creates art that operates on two distinct levels: it is philosophical and political but also instant and accessible, effortlessly walking the line between academic art and internet meme cultures. In this way, his dark humor-laced practice can be seen as a telling indicator of the nature of successful art in the internet (and post-internet) age. Anush Sarkisian Born in Armenia, based in Berlin. With a background in Social Sciences and Political Theory, Anush worked as a Policy Analyst in Ukraine, taught International Security in Singapore and currently works as a Strategy Director at VICE Media in Berlin.



We Live in a Hypermemetic Society

We live in society® driven by hypermemetic logic. We don’t simply create or repost memes - we render our reality through memes. Spreading like synchronised ciphers, the trajectory of memelogic is nearly impossible to predict. In 2019, you just wake up to the news about 2M people wanting to raid Area 51. Tom and Anush will showcase how the memelogic governs much of their cultural and artistic practice. Addressing subjects around technology, gaming, corporate branding and climate crisis, their work grabs attention with concepts that mimic the increasingly archetypal language of the memescape.