Pepa Ivanova

Pepa Ivanova currently based in Brussels is a visual artist and performer. She is a HISK Laureate (2017) and holds an MA in Transmedia from LUCA, Brussels (2015). Dhe works across disciplines to axplore the multi-sensorial properties of the work. Currently her work can be seen at The HISK CONNECTION exhibition at KANAL, Brussels. Previously she had exhibited in De Warande, Turnhout, Goethe Institute, Sofia and Thessaloniki, Sofia City Gallery as a BAZA award nominee, Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia. She had performed at Muhka and De Singel, Antwerpen, Z33, Hasselt, Camp festival Stuttgart. Currently she conducts her PhD in LUCA, Ghent/KULeuven with focus on autopoetics of solar obsevational data.


pepa Ivanova 2.jpg


Pepa Ivanova is interested in the impact of human activity on the planet and its ecosystems. In her project Decay, she uses biomaterials, extracted from living microorganisms, which are a less polluting alternative to petrochemical-based materials used mainly in mass production. Natural algae-based dyes are enclosed in transparent blown glass sculptures allowing light and heat to interact with the algae living organisms. The colours decompose, intertwine, and are adorned with multiple shades over the course of the exhibition. As if to remind us of the inexorable decline of living species, and to place ourselves in our relationship to time and the environment surrounding us. This work is the result of research made in collaboration with María Boto and Laboratorium.bio at KASK, Ghent over the characteristic of biologically extracted colours. The gel medium, where the dyes are injected is based on bacteria (Sphingomonas elodea) naturally found in the lily tissue. The colored substances are produced from various of blue and green spirulina as well as fluorescent pink from Phycoerythrin algae, dark red to violet from cochineal bug, a synthetic dietary supplement, coloring the farmed salmon, and orange carotene.