DISNOVATION.ORG is a working group based in Paris, initiated by Nicolas Maigret (FR) and Maria Roszkowska (PL). At the intersection of contemporary art, research and hacking, the collective develops situations of disruption, speculation, and debate, in order to question dominant techno-positivist ideologies, and to stimulate post-growth technological narratives. They edited 'The Pirate Book', an anthology on media piracy. Their research includes artworks, curation and publications. In 2018, they received a Design Trust Grant (Hong Kong) for a research about China’s Shanzhai culture.



Online Culture Wars

In recent years, online cultures have been subjected to a growing polarization, politicization, and radicalization, influenced by numerous actors, and magnified by the very features of ubiquitous social networks. From Twitter to Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Gab, or 4chan, one of the by-products of online culture wars is the over-politicization of seemingly mundane topics, products, practices, and cultural elements. 

These platforms gave rise to new types of practices, new forms of expression, and new means for collective organization of protest and discord. In this context, the manipulation of public opinion over social media has emerged as a critical threat to public life.

The Web Politics Trilogy (Online Culture Wars, The Persuadables, Profiling The Profilers) focuses on the political instrumentalization of the tools, techniques, and infrastructures of the web, with a particular attention to the social media influence ecosystem, and online manipulation of opinion. It exposes some practices broadly used for online propaganda, as well as creative responses that they triggered in the civil society.