Camille Dufour

Camille Dufour was born in Mons in 1991. In 2017, she graduated from La Cambre with a painting option. In recent years, she has developed a new approach to wood engraving that combines installation and performance around monumental matrices that she prints until the ink runs out using soap. The symbolic dimension is at the heart of his work. The erasure of the motif - representing the evils that strike the contemporary world - proceeds to a form of catharsis in which the public participates by walking through its installations.


صابون حلب, 5_installation performance, exposition de fin d'étude,2017.....jpg

صابون حلب (Savon d'Alep)

حلب صابو presents the prints of four engravings representing the ruins of Aleppo. This work, born from an encounter with a Syrian refugee, proposes a deliberately chaotic assemblage of press images of the conflict. During the performance - which originally held place in an old soap factory - the matrices, inked only once, are hand printed using Aleppo soap. The erasure by successive impressions aims to symbolically wash away the horror and overload of media images. The prints, suspended in series, evoke an impossible reparation, a tribute to the victims