Rosalie Dumont Gagné

Rosalie D. Gagné lives and works in Montreal. She holds a master's degree in visual arts from Concordia University. Her works have been exposed in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe, particulary in Marseille as part of the "Biennale Chroniques". Her research is supported by the Quebec' Arts and Letters Council and the Canada's Art Coucil. Rosalie D. Gagné's approach takes root in the phenomenology of matter and perception. Through her proposals, she is interested in the relationships between the microcosm and the macrocosm, individual and collective dreams as well as technology and nature.


rosalie Gagné 2017 RA III 1612.jpg

Règne artificiel IV

In the darkness of the black box, the luminous creatures of Rosalie D. Gagné’s Artificial Reing III unfold to the rhythm of a regular breathing. The air comes to infuse the movement of a mechanical life, mimesis of subaquatic existence. Suspended in the dark, the bodies of inflatable polythene evoke the hidden nature of the seabed – subterranean movement, meanders of the subconscious. The recent proposals of D. Gagné, as she mentions herself, «are freely inspired by a current of so-called reactive architecture, a movement which explores how natural and artificial systems interact. One of the models for the design and realization of such reactive environments is bio-mimicry, that is, the numerical simulation of functions, behaviors, action and reaction of living beings. At the heart of this reflection, based on a combination of anxiety and hope, lies the utopia of harmonizing the artificial world and the natural processes».

Text : Nathalie Bachand

Producer : Grand-Theatre de Québec