Fara Peluso

Fara Peluso is an artist and a designer based in Berlin with a strong interest on biological process and living organisms. From 2014 she pursues her deep research on algae working through a speculative approach and how to envision new form of relationships between human beings and other organisms. She creates fictional artefacts which tell the story of a possible future scenarios. She believes in a design strategy based on a constant researching, taking inspiration from elements present in nature, contributing to raise critical questions considering the social role of artists and designers. 


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Memory Matter

Memory Matter is a project realized by Fara Peluso as result of an ongoing research on algae organisms and the Algal Bloom phenomenon. The intent is to recount the reasons linked with an event of climate changes, the factors who determine it, representing the changes of a natural landscape and its connections with human beings daily activities. The installation simulates a scenario where an aquatic ecosystem and its pollution are main protagonists, hoping to contribute for a public awareness and the building of a historical memory, it also shows an almost imperceptible matter and its traces.

A project co-produced by Abattoirs de Bomel, Goethe Institut and KIKK.