Mats Dekock

Mats Dekock is a transmedial artist and architect. He lives and works in Brussels. He works closely with Werktank in his discourse. That discourse is one that balances on the border between architecture and installation art. He uses his architectural instruments to express the dialogue between people and the space that he experiences. That discourse balances between an architecture that is a representation of perceived reality, and an installation art that traces the mental reconstructions of experienced spatiality. Perception, persistence and memory of spatiality are the focus of his discourse. Mats Dekock studied architecture at the KULeuven (Sint-Lucas Ghent), and transmedia at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. Mats works as an independent architect and as an installation artist, a double life that feeds and drives his art discourse. His work "Reconstructing Mariënbad" (2013) was nominated in 2014 for the New Technological Art Award from the Liedts-Meesen Foundation.


Mats DekockContour_MDK_photo_kurtd'haeseleer.jpg


"Contour" is a kinetic light installation that aims to reconstruct the mental spaces of cinematographic environments. It is an interdisciplinary translation between architecture and cinema. "Contour" reconstructs the representations of "Russian Ark", a film experience by Alexander Sokurov. In this film, a single continuous shot links the whole story through the halls and corridors of the St Petersburg Hermitage. We, the public, follow the camera's perspective as it travels through the inner spaces of time. Architecture is here the path, the framework on which the moments are built, the screen on which the moments are projected. The viewer follows the camera's path and perspective, in confrontation with the architectural environment. "Contour" is an attempt to transcribe the spaces experienced in a reconstructed environment, at the border between architecture (the model) and film (the ephemeral).