This dice game can connect to your smartphone

With Dicees, we still have a dice with 6 faces, but they are all equipped with a colored LED digital display. Henceforth, the dice is connected, and it changes everything.

Thanks to a mix of technologies contained inside a standard ¾’’ dice, Dicees can show any patterns on each faces. With his smartphone, the player can associate colors to his opponents, and interact with anyone thanks to Bluetooth. Dicees will even record points of everyone.

We can even play from distance, in network : Dicees indicates to the smartphone when the player rolled the dice, the face which dropped and all the necessary information to the game, it can even detect a cheat!

A true 2.0 dice game, endlessly customizable (it adapts to every hazard games, but could also display a logo of your company).


Dicees - Docking station.jpg

The company

Dicees Team

We’re Dicees team and more specifically, François Royen, Robin Murgia and Jérémie Bours. We’re designers and electronics engineer. We’re the guys behind projects and companies like iol strategic design, Tole, IoT-D, Habilis Product Design, etc. It s an absolute obsession of ours to see an idea evolve from an intangible state all the way through the launch. 

Dicees in one of our first IoT projects and we are developing other in our other company : IoT-D SCRL