Sheep On Wheels

A Plastic recycling Project by Chillkameel (NGO)

We, a group of 10 high school friends, started a project on sustainability. We decided to create a small scale mobile workshop on plastic recycling and circular economy. With Our "Mobile recycling center" we challenge ourselves to learn more about the plastic problem, machine building, product design, communication and education. We hope to travel while "Recycling on the road". The development of the machines and products is the main activity during our first years.
The experience we gather and the transformation of waste into a new product is the basis for a series of lectures and workshops.
We are convinced that we can move towards a circular economy where waste does not exist. By showing that there are possibilities on a small scale, we aim to show that everyone can make a difference and that we do not have to wait
for solutions from industry or government. In addition, we want people to consume more consciously and make clear that consumers influence the industry when choosing products that have less negative impact on our environment.
These products exist, but will only become the norm when consumers take their responsibility.
We use our self-built plastic recycling machines (based on existing open source plans from Precious Plastic) to inform an audience of both young people and adults about the possibilities and limitations in plastic use in order to achieve a
more ecological and conscious consumption.
We developed our own variations of machines that can grind plastic and melt it into new forms. We use these machines to show a production process and the endless possibilities within. We aim to turn this into a fascinating story and bring
it to schools, companies, events,.... We mainly try to motivate by involving our audience as much as possible in the story. With that story we want to motivate and approach our audience in a positive way and encourage everyone to