Claudio Agosti

Claudio Agosti is a technologist in the public interest. Since 21 years he has been working in digital privacy, internet security, and software engineering. Currently,

Director of Tracking Exposed, he leads a team and a technology to analyze platforms algorithms. His goal is to enable individuals to control their own algorithm.


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Practical method to analyze algorithms (the YouTube case)

In this session, Claudio Agosti will propose an analysis of the youtube algorithm, but first, he will discuss some theories. What is an algorithm in our context? Why analyze them? How can we understand something so deeply persecuted? By bringing your laptop, you will perform some tests using the youtube.tracking.exposed tool, still in experimental version but already used by students to understand your internal logic in the "video suggestion" list.
Claudio will analyze some of the recent debates on accountability, transparency and equity of algorithms. You will verify hypotheses with him, discuss ethical concerns and scientific analysis.