Elise Morin

Elise Morin is a French visual artist born in 1978. She lives and works in Paris. Elise Morin develops installations and experiments with references to the different changes in contemporary environments. His work involves a reflection on the relationship between creation and the common good. The virtual or real materials that interest her nourish an aesthetics where regeneration, ritual, transdisciplinary collaborations can be the foundations of sensitive experiences of a new state of the world.


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Spring Odyssey

Between fragility, strength and resilience, the story of our relationship to the territories, the living, the conquest of space is sketched out through a mutant plant that bears witness to the high dose of radioactivity in the Chernobyl red forest. Linking plant biology and poetry, myth making and new media allows technological, artistic and biological experiments that generate speculative narratives. The red forest of Chernobyl, a real and fictional melting pot, has gradually become an aesthetic laboratory that has transformed our relationship to a modified world: a space where knowledge, intuition, progress and the sacred are questioned to open up a possible way of "living with".