Gil Damoiseaux

Gil Damoiseaux is a programmer/analyst passionate about realtime 3D rendering since ages : he was demomaker on the Acorn Archimedes scene, video game developer for Appeal and Daoka and main engineer on NeuroTV's realtime virtual studio. Curently, he shares his time between teaching technical art at the HEAJ in Namur and his freelance activity (Ignishot, JangaFX ...). Motivated by creativity, he is also one of the founder of Namur's hackerspace Incubhacker.




Math is art

When you approach digital arts, mathematics are everywhere, without it, you can’t render a 3D image, you can’t compute the physic of an animated body, you can’t even simply open a jpeg file. In this session, you’ll see that starting with simple math you can quickly get quite complex systems that produce intricate and fascinating motion. Some simple rules applied to a massive number of elements can give birth to digital life.