Spark AR Studio

Hannes Verlinde was born and raised in Belgium where he studied Computer Science at Ghent University. Hannes worked for software companies active in Packaging, Marketing and Mobile. Five years ago, Hannes relocated to London where he joined the Spark AR team at Facebook where he is an engineering manager for Spark AR.

Spark AR Studio is now responsible for creating all the AR experiences on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger you see today.


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Create Immersive AR Experiences for Facebook and Instagram with Spark AR

In this session Hannes Verlinde will walk attendees through the skillset, challenges, and best practices involved in the creation of your first augmented reality effect. The session will cover technical details, design strategies, and helpful tips while demonstrating the workflow of an Augmented Reality effect from beginning to end. Attendees will leave the session ready to hit the ground running – one-step closer to creating, publishing and distributing AR experiences with Spark AR.