Valery Vermeulen

Dr. Valery Vermeulen is an electronic musician, mathematician, music producer, guest professor at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent and researcher at the Department of Mathematics – Computer Science at t, he University of Antwerp (BE). He holds a Phd in pure mathematics as well as a masters degree in music composition. Since 2003 Vermeulen has been working on various multimedia projects where the interaction between man, machine and mathematics plays a central role. Topics in his work include algorithmic music composition, AI, astrophysics, theoretical physics, econometrics and data sonification.



Music, wall street, (deep) space and black holes

In the lecture performance “Music, wall street, (deep) space and black holes” dr. Valery Vermeulen takes the audience on a quest how to develop as an artist and scientist connections between music and math using new technologies and paradigms. Starting point is the visionary work of I. Xenakis, quantum gravity and Vermeulen’s background as a mathematician/physicist and musician. This talk presents a voyage in time, space and sound trough various projects including Vermeulen's work with theoretical physicst Thomas Hertog, former colleague and long time collaborator of Stephen Hawking.

Curated by Ohme