Amputation confronts the child with immense psychological difficulties The elements of the prosthesis are designed to be printed in 3D. The low cost prostheses we offer are designed to be quickly manufactured with a 3D printer, to restore children's confidence and enable them to overcome their disability. Due to the low cost of 3D printing, the prostheses can be adapted and renewed according to the child's growth. These prostheses can be manufactured in the most remote regions of the world. The pleasure of living is then again present and encourages the child's social, family and school participation. These prostheses are part of the ORTHOLAB project of the HP&O association. The ORTHOLAB project was born from the many orthopaedic missions that HP&O has carried out. ORTHOLAB zones are places of sharing and collaboration to reduce disability and are developing to be spread in orthopaedic equipment centres and all places of solidarity actions.



The company

HP&O Humanitarian Prosthetists and Orthotists

The association "Humanitarian Prosthetists and Orthotists" was born in 2012.

HP&O is an independent and solidary association whose main objective is to make orthopedic equipment accessible to the greatest number of people and to act to make it a right for all.

It is by enhancing local skills in both the North and the South, through collaborative research and development that together, makers and genie seeds, we rethink, redesign and create Open Source prosthetic parts adapted to specific needs of the different regions of the world.