Aaron Duffy

Aaron Duffy is the cofounder of SpecialGuest. His specialty is in communications and visual experimentation, often bringing a touch of humanity to technology. He has had work inducted into the MoMA’s archive for the art and technique of the America Commercial and was named number one in Business Insider’s 30 most creative in advertising under 30. Aaron believes that everyone has a creative role to play, no matter what their job title is or experience level. The most successful process is equal parts creative thinking and creative making. Sometimes taking the 'hard road' leads to the best work.


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Illusions for a Better Society

Visual Illusions are often seen as fun tricks of the eye. But what if a deeper look at illusions could make you more open minded or more creative? What if they could have a positive effect on society? In this presentation Aaron Duffy walks through how our brains process illusions, how they have helped his work as a creative leader, and how they could benefit society at large.