Aurelien Fache

Aurélien Fache is a key figure in the history of the French Internet. After having been a developer at Multimania, Lycos and Caramail in the early 2000s, he participated in the creation of Dailymotion in 2004 (even though the video sharing site was still called Short TV), then co-founded the online media Owni (2009-2012) or participated in the Netvibes bookmark sharing platform and set up the APIdays for the innovation agency Faber Novel. Since October 2013, he has joined the 'We love the Net' collective, which develops dreamlike connected objects with Happy Trucs. Today, he explores new forms of sensuality / sexuality in the age of virtual reality, new imaginations in a world where everything is possible: making love with the ocean, a session of SpaceSex, or even metamorphosing into an omnipresent alien entity capable of engaging with all of humanity! 



Sexualités dé-hybridées

Have you ever had the fantasy of making love with the ocean, that its waves caress you with a thousand hands, of having a thousand sexes, of making love with words, with poetry, with all humanity after having metamorphosed into an omnipresent extraterrestrial entity, or of experimenting with SpaceSex?

Through these performances and other DIY, Aurélien Fache explores new forms of hybrid, unbridled sensuality beyond the biological limits of the human species. Let yourself be guided into the heart of a new imagination, into a world without limits, where everything is possible.