Alexi Williams Wynn

Alexi Williams Wynn, is a british artist living and working between London and Ghent. Her work explores the two major borders of humanity – animals and plants. Working with casts in wax, resin and plaster of Paris, Williams Wynn creates organic installations that appear natural but derive from animal viscera. Her practice probes the dualities inherent in this process, exposing man’s fragility and relationship to the external world. How beauty and death are perceived in modern society are reoccurring themes in her work.


Line18 (1).jpg


Line, 2018 is an installation of casts hanging from a structure inspired from the line of an abattoir. The work exposes the dialectic between the organic fragile nature of the body and the cold functionality of an industrial facility. It opens up a dialogue about our relationship to life, death and our external environment, it could equally be seen as the corporeal body metamorphosing back into nature itself.