Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard - HEAJ


(Victoria Ren, Charlotte Demanet, Thaïs Isenborghs et Céline Colot)

Also known as Liszt Fever; lisztomania is a state similar to hysteria, observed during the artistic performances of the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt. Compared to a feeling of ecstasy, this phenomenon describes the physical and mental state into which the audience enters when they hear the first notes played by the artist. Today, this term is used to describe the strong emotion triggered in the individual when he or she listens to music, sound, chord, or even a note. Lisztomania is also the name of our project. We invite you for the concert of Liszt straight out of the 80s. With one exception: you are the master behind the instruments. A synth, a drum set, a guitar, neon lights, and a synthwave atmosphere welcoming you with open arms. Whether you are nostalgic for the 80s, an artist at heart, a neophyte in music classes or curious to interact with instruments of the future, we encourage you all to awaken your senses and your musical spirit!


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A la dérive

The oceans are essential to life. They store carbon dioxide in their depths, produce half of our oxygen (more than the forests) and regulate temperatures on earth. Unfortunately, they are threatened by climate change, plastic, mining and overfishing. The ocean is an ecosystem in fragile balance and if we do not make an effort now, no coral reefs will remain in 2050, so there will be more plastic than fish in the planet's water. To survive and thrive, marine wildlife need places to feed, mate and raise their young. However, pollution, overfishing and intense maritime traffic are hampering this natural cycle, it is now time to be aware of this! Our work aims to immerse the viewer in the chaos that marine biodiversity is becoming. To do this, the visitors will have to make their way (like a fish in water) into a room filled with waste and plastic bags. The objects floating everywhere will give them an impression of choking and anguish that will make them realize the distress facing our oceans. Two projectors placed on either side of the room will provide light as it could be perceived under the surface of the oceans, a sound blanket will also accompany this experience to amplify the heavy and oppressive atmosphere of the work.


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(Ayité Ajavon, Guillaume Mesmaeker, Laura Vecchiato)

Today, prepare to go travel through the seconds. By entering this installation, you enter a place where you are a spectator of time. In this room, every ray of light, however fast it may be, takes a while to reach the eye, so everything we see is a thing of the past. With a mirror, you can then observe how you were 0.00001 sec ago. Reflection and observation are key to this experience. Enter into it, you will exist feeling better.


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(Victor Léger, Thomas Deffet, Florian Lachapelle, Brandon Kinard)

The "Black Box was created to be installed in all possible events to be able to keep a memory of where you went. How does it work? When you enter the Black Box, you are in total darkness. Illustrations or videos are projected on you. The Black Box will change according to the theme of the event. When you are ready or not.... The camera will trigger to have an image with a depth effect thanks to the leak lines that give the impression of being enclosed in a box. The photo will be sent directly to a computer that will publish the photo on the event's Instagram and send you your photo to your email address.


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