Memo Akten

Artist, researcher, curious, philomath working with computation as a medium and language to investigate the collisions between nature, science, technology, ethics, ritual, tradition and religion; thinking about the intersections of science and spirituality. Finishing a PhD at Goldsmiths UoL in artificial intelligence / machine learning and expressive human-machine interaction, to deepen collaborative creativity between humans and machines and augment human creative expression.



Body paint

Our body is a vessel for emotional expression. We have a natural instinct to express ourselves through movement. Body Paint exploits this ability for non-verbal expressive communication, and combines it with our desire to create; even more so, our desire to create something beautiful.

Body paint is a visual instrument that enables you to paint on a virtual canvas with your body, interpreting movement and gestures into evolving compositions. It is not a painting application, and instead allows expressive ways of creating and performing images and color through capturing the motion and energy of the body. The piece is about the interaction experience. What matters is not the image created at the end, but the sensation of creating it, interacting with it, reacting to your creation as it evolves. Analogous to music, the motivation for playing an instrument is not always to compose or record. Sometimes every note is just for the moment, an unconscious response coming from within, without any concern for making it permanent. Similarly in Body Paint, when you stop moving, the image slowly fades away, leaving only the memory of your experience.