The BYOR | Build Your Own Robot, allows kids to design, build and program their own robot, device or interactive artwork. The electronic parts of the kit are designed to be easily attached to arts-and-craft materials such as cardboard. The electronics are easily connected to each other and respond directly. Resulting in a maximum amount of freedom in creation while still being able to quickly build an interactive object. The electronics are divided into input- and output parts, which need each other to start working. In a later stage, children can program their robot to respond differently using a visual programming language and a programming-add-on (Micro:Bit). The kit is used in an educational design process that stimulates children to work together and do Design Thinking. This way, the 21st century skills are embedded in the process and kids are prepared for the future in the most constructive and fun way. The use of scrap materials is stimulated during the proces to emphasise designing sustainably. Next to this, the kit is perfect to combine with modern Maker Education and rapid prototyping techniques such as 3D-printing and lasercutting.



The company


BYOR is a young business that develops and sells the BYOR | Build Your Own Robot product. Next to this, the company provides services with the product such as workshops, team training etc. The product has been on the market for two years now.