Phototropic robot

When you walk around with a flashlight leading the path of the robot, it will follow you around! ‘Phototropic Robots’ is a fun and easy electronics kit & workshop for children and beginners. Once you assemble all the parts together, the robot is ready to run! Through the process, you can learn how the IC chip works together with the sensors and motors - which are the important basic components in making interactive machines. Understanding this simple analog circuit can help also to easily comprehend how programming works in the basics.



The company

Sunjoo and Ko

Phototropic Robots is developed by Sunjoo Lee and Ko de Beer, who are artists based in Netherlands merging technology and artistic creativity. Besides this project, Sunjoo and Ko collaborates on an art project that dives into the world of machines working with nature. Sunjoo and Ko are currently artists in residence at MAD emergent art center, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.