You are the crew of a spaceship for prodigious scientific discoveries in the exploration of new worlds. For this purpose, you join an unexplored planet to create a base camp and take samples. Unfortunately, once placed in orbit of this planet, a meteor shower hits your ship and forced you to leave urgently the Orbital station ... Codobot is a game to discover digital technologies and learn programming skills. Its use is inspired by the LOGO programming language combined with the Montessori pedagogical approach. Codobot will be the ideal tool for teachers to teach programming logic. But it will also be a nice toy for children and a board game for the whole family. The current version of codobot comes in the form of a board game accessible from the age of 6 and can be played from 1 to 6 players.



The company

Codobot is a game developed by François Rocca, engineer and researcher at the Numediart laboratory of the University of Mons (Belgium). It was developed in the framework of the Tangerine Spin-off project, which aims to create games, tools and provide training to learn programming and, more broadly, in the field of digital technologies. This project was funded by Research and Technology Department of the Walloon Region (DG06) with the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation through the Ecole Numérique project called 'Orange Robotics'.