Strange Museum

The last two years have been rich in various projects for Crafteke. Several installations will be presented on their booth. To name a few:
Mordicator (AI). Autonomous vehicles are still shyly invading our streets. With all the technical and ethical questions that this raises. This installation will show robots clumsily and organically trying to avoid obstacles.
Roboet (Fun'n chips). Can a robot be a poet? You'll be the judge of that.
Strange Museum (VR). In a good cabinet of curiosities, we have a collection of objects unusual. Discover them in an incongruous space. Sensitive souls....

The company


The project is at the border between creation and technology. From the beginning, the team was guided by its curiosity, which led it to explore various technological fields: data synthesis and learning AI, computer graphics, photogrammetry, video games, AR/VR, interactive experiments
and electronic. The projects developed by Crafteke can be either hardware or code oriented, fun or serious, B2B or general public.
The members of the team define themselves as "digital craftsmen". Crafts are not scalable, neither do they. As curious as they may be, they are interested in your story and your project, whether it is low-tech or high-tech.