NOWA is a design and fashion brand that creates fashion accessories (wallets, cardholders, pouches, tote bags, etc) with a sustainable material that does not tear, called Tyvek®. Based in Namur, NOWA develops its own collections as well as custom collections with artists, events and corporates. Surrealism, smart design, recycling and offbeat humor are their key values.


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NOWA designs and manufactures fashion accessories made from extremely solid and durable materials in order to allow its customers to limit their ecological impact, while simplifying their lives thanks to a minimalist and smart design. Customers can also recycle their product when it is at the end of its life (2 to 5 years). NOWA has developed partnerships with sheltered workshops based in Belgium and Spain, which guarantees incredibly high quality work done by hand, as well as having a positive social impact. Since 2018, NOWA has been advising companies and events to create "zero waste" advertising campaigns. The aim is to create marketing actions that reuse the material to give it a second life.

The KIKK program will be transformable into a portfolio via an origami manipulation. Visit the NOWA booth to learn more