Line up

Line-up in collab with scivias

19:00 - 19:00

This year KIKK offers you a closing conferences party with a line-up in collaboration with the scivias platform, advocating for a better representativity of women in the music sector of Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Rokia Bamba

19:15 - 21:15


Rokia Bamba has made quite a name for herself from Brussels to Paris thanks to her unique, audacious style which combines a cappella, groove, punk and numerous other genres. She does not DJ in any old circuit but chooses the activist circles of Globalicious, the Massimadi Festival and the Afropunk Festival, of which she and DJ Pilow will organize a first Belgian edition in 2019. 

Anna Yad

21:15 - 23:15


Anna Yad is a DJ, YouTube and records digger. She brought her own combinaison of acid house, techno, trance and industrial music all around the world. From Montreal to Brussels, passing by Bangkok. She loves waves, climbs and skylights and her target is to create an atmosphere where everyone can find himself. She has her own show on a Montreal based web radio N10AS called Sun Unit.

Floriane Charlet

23:15 - 01:15


Raised and borned in the 90’s by a mom in love with house and techno music. It became clear that music was not going to be buts a backround noise in her life. She started mixing and producing a few years ago and already made her proofs in clubs and other venues.

Digging harder everyday to create her own journey between darkness and sunshine, her sound is dynamic and inspired by the Joey Bertram, The Cure, industrial techno and melodic. A true flight into the Air force One plane.